After Humes Outfitters entered the digital sphere, their online demand and operations increased. As a result it became evident that they would require support from IT professionals.

For over 95 years, Humes Outfitters has been located at the heart of the Scottish Borders town of Kelso. Starting as a gentleman’s tailors, over the years the business has evolved into a house of brands introducing leading names in country fashion to the cobbles of Kelso.

In 2007, they expanded their global reach by launching their website, allowing them to connect with customers around the world. As their online demand increased, so did their operation. It quickly became evident that to ensure the smooth running of their IT and operations they would require support from knowledgeable IT experts.

DHCO IT now provide Humes Outfitters with managed IT services including, IT support, M365 licencing, email security, M365 backup and Remote Monitoring Management with Endpoint Detection and Response. In 2020, DHCO IT moved the firm to SharePoint.

Rachel Thomson, Managing Director at Humes Outfitters, commented, “As a business based in the heart of Kelso, the local community has always been extremely important to us as well as using local businesses as much as possible. The support we receive from DHCO IT, located just a stone's throw away from our flagship store, extends beyond mere proximity. There is an ability to establish close, trusting relationships with a company that knows how we work, what our fast-paced multichannel business looks like on a day-to-day basis (and the quirks that come along with it) and has the kind of local insight that just can’t be replicated.”

“The ability to raise tickets remotely is a fundamental function of DHCO IT which allows for the smooth running of our daily operations. Problems don’t often arise, but when they do the simplicity of actioning a ticket from wherever you are is worth a lot to our business. As we are spread across three locations with a fourth in the pipeline, the ability for every one of our staff members to raise questions quickly and effectively is extremely helpful.”

“Our collaboration with DHCO IT feels seamless in part due to their accessibility. Ticket response time is minimal and with our close partnership, DHCO IT offers a swift, in-person response for issues and a friendly ear over the phone for any quick fixes that may arise. With Mike, Nathan and Ben, no query is too big or too small to deal with. Every enquiry is met with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail to ensure the best and most efficient solution is found.”

“DHCO IT always deal with issues we face swiftly. Their local proximity and invaluable hands-on approach have hugely helped us in the past with everything from office moves and shop service issues as this offers an invaluable hands-on approach. I’m sure DHCO IT wish we would stop moving offices!”

“As a multichannel business, DHCO IT’s local service gives us the confidence to push our business forward with the knowledge that we always have electronic support close by. Local insight is imperative to why our relationship works so well. Recently after a series of power cuts, DHCO IT were able to pro-actively ensure we got back up and running as they knew about the fault before the power company! With our offices being so close, help was at hand within minutes and as a whole company, we were able to remain online at a busy time of year for us.”

“With an exciting new store opening in Alnwick on the horizon, we have every confidence that DHCO IT can continue to help us maintain and grow our business now and in the future.”