Panton McLeod's previous IT systems were outdated and highly disorganised. DHCO IT offered a safe and secure solution, which included migration to a cloud storage, implementing regular backups and providing ongoing IT support.

Panton McLeod Case Study

Panton McLeod, founded in 1994, is committed to protecting and improving water quality, through the advanced inspection and cleaning of public, commercial & industrial water assets.

In 2021, the company, which is based in Selkirk, identified the requirement for improved IT consultancy and support. DHCO IT offered Panton McLeod the solution they were looking for while benefitting from previous working relationships and close proximity to their head office.

The Challenges

When Panton McLeod first approached DHCO IT, their IT infrastructure was highly disorganised. The DHCO IT team promptly identified the issues and weaknesses within Panton McLeod’s IT setup, which included:

  • The backup had not been running for about 6 to 12 months, posing a risk of losing all data in the event of a system failure.
  • They operated on an outdated Server 2012 R2 server and faced unresolved issues with their remote desktop.
  • Their Microsoft 365 was disorganised with duplicate accounts and with no standardised approach for new users.
  • The server they used was not configured for automatic weekly reboots for Windows updates, leaving them vulnerable to cyber security breaches.

The Solution

As a result, the DHCO IT team established backup systems to ensure regular backups and prevent data loss. They migrated the Panton McLeod team to Azure logins on their laptops and transferred all data to SharePoint before eventually removing the server. DHCO IT also resolved remote desktop issues and cleaned up their Microsoft 365. Additionally, DHCO IT sourced NAS units for storing old data that Panton McLeod wished to retain but did not need to store in the cloud. DHCO IT now offers ongoing monthly support and manages Microsoft licencesbackups and antivirus.

Grant Purdie, Inspection and Technology Manager, commented, “DHCO IT has been able to supply us with all the services we require from monthly support to Microsoft licences, support and backup as well as managed antivirus with remote monitoring. They have even been able to source and install hardware when the requirements became apparent.”

“The service level agreement timescales are always dramatically beaten, with some support tickets resolved nearly instantaneously”, Grant continued. “The full DHCO IT team are excellent and a pleasure to work with. Any technical information is explained in a way that you can understand, and the advice given is unbiased with a professional approach to further complement our business.”

“Working with DHCO IT has helped our business move forward and prepare it for the future as the team has helped us to move everything onto the cloud allowing us to have universal access across a selection of devices from any location.”

DHCO IT’s team of IT specialists can advise on all aspects of your business’s IT infrastructure and ensure your IT system is set up correctly to ensure productive working and prevent loss of data and downtime due to cyber security breaches or disasters. If you require IT support for your business, please contact DHCO IT by emailing