The Borders Forest Trust was operating on an outdated, disorganised IT system that had been incorrectly setup. As a result, DHCO IT overhauled their IT infrastructure allowing staff to work remotely.

The Borders Forest Trust is a small, rapidly growing charity with a focused mission to rewild the "Wild Heart of Southern Scotland" by restoring native woodlands. Established in 1996, the charity has been actively planting trees and restoring peatland and other natural habitats across the South of Scotland.

The Challenges

In late 2022, Borders Forest Trust reached out to DHCO IT for assistance with their IT systems. Prior to partnering with DHCO IT, the charity’s IT infrastructure was in disarray, relying on temporary fixes which lacked long-term viability. They faced several issues, including:

  • The charity was operating on an outdated Server 2012.
  • The inability of staff members to work remotely via VPN, with one user using TeamViewer to access the server, led to challenges during the covid pandemic.
  • Their backups were unmonitored meaning if they failed no one knew about it. This put them at risk of data loss in the event of a disaster or security breach. 
  • Previous IT providers that they have worked with were hard to get a hold of and often took days before to provide any support. 
  • Their computers were very old and operated on Windows 7, which posed a security issue. 
  • Poor connectivity as the signal relayed from the shed next door using an older router.
  • Google Workplace was used for email, which their team didn’t like either.

The Solution

Recognising these issues and the needs of the Borders Forest Trust, DHCO IT undertook a comprehensive overhaul of its whole system. The DHCO IT team supplied new laptops, migrated the charity to Microsoft 365 for email, and transferred all their documents to SharePoint. Additionally, DHCO IT facilitated the transition to VoIP for telecommunications and collaborated with a partner company to install structured cabling from the main office to the shed, significantly improving connectivity. These changes not only made their systems more secure but also allowed staff to work from anywhere. DHCO IT now provide ongoing support, Microsoft 365 backup and remote monitoring management with antivirus.

Rebecca Jones, Finance Manager at Borders Forest Trust, commented, “Until the end of 2022 our systems had very much been make-do-and-mend DHCO revolutionised it.” Continuing, Rebecca added, “We are more agile, more secure, and have saved oodles of time and effort for our staff. The DHCO IT team are excellent, particularly Mike and young Ben.”

“Mike turned up for our initial meeting having researched the organisation, he was cheery, knowledgeable (but plain speaking) and unphased by our ancient systems. We were impressed, to say the least.  We went to a couple of other local IT providers for quotes also, and although DHCO IT was not the cheapest we felt that from them we would receive the best services – and our instincts were bang on.”

“DHCO IT has helped our organisation to leap forward in our systems and ways of working.  We are now future-proof and feel that we have the best support for any future changes we make.”

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