MacroView DMS

What is MacroView DMS?

MacroView DMS is a desktop app that allows cloud access to your business’s SharePoint without syncing back and forth and enables extra functionality.  MacroView DMS can integrate with Office 365 and other applications to enable users to manage and file documents and emails on SharePoint. 

The Document Management System has a number of benefits and is perfect for any business that is looking for document management capabilities at not a huge cost. 

DHCO IT Document Management Service 

The DHCO IT Support team can work with you to identify the most efficient document management system for your business. Our experts will sit down with you to identify the best filing structure before creating a new SharePoint site, setting up MacroView DMS and document sets, and automatic filing of emails. Following the set-up, the DHCO IT team will then move all your existing files into the new system and provide ongoing support for MacroView DMS if required. 

Key Benefits of MacroView DMS

Reduces the manual management of emails and attachments. 
Create a paperless filing system and reduce document duplication.
Enables easy collaboration between team members.
Managed services
Increased security as files are not downloaded to the user’s device.

Key Features of DHCO IT Document Management Service

DMS – Central-min

Centralise and Simplify Content Management 

Organise and manage all content under one system making it easy to find files and information and increase security. 

Easily Save Documents and Emails 

Automatically file incoming and outgoing emails and save emails and documents using automatic metadata capture. 
DMS – Web-min

Access Files On the Go 

Upload and securely access and edit files conveniently from your mobile device with limited connectivity. 

Seamlessly integrate SharePoint and Microsoft 365 

Extend SharePoint DMS integration with Microsoft 365 allowing users to search and discover documents faster. 

Easy Collaboration with Colleagues 

Simultaneously edit and share content with team members, with check-in/check-out, tracked changes and file versions. 
DMS – Customise-min

Customise to your Requirements 

Increase organisational activity further by customising MacroView to your business needs. 
DMS – computer mouse-min

Right Click Menus and Intuitive Tree-View Navigation 

Easily navigate, preview and share files and folders with Windows-style tree-view and convenient right-click menus. 

Document Management Tip 

Are your users used to a windows explorer type view?  Macroview provides that similar view allowing your staff to adapt to the new system with ease.  

Document Management FAQs

What are the key benefits of MacroView DMS?  

What businesses would benefit most from using Macroview DMS?

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