Antivirus & Remote Monitoring Solutions

As cyber security threats continue to evolve, it is essential to protect your business's data, devices, and systems from online threats. With a new piece of malware released every 7 seconds, having the right security measures in place you can reduce the risk of downtime from malicious software. 

Our IT Security experts offer managed antivirus services and remote monitoring management to proactively monitor your devices to detect and eliminate any potential threats before they occur. 

Without proactive monitoring, your devices could be infected and at risk of spreading malware and ransomware, all while you are none the wiser. 

Managed Antivirus

The DHCO IT team can provide a managed antivirus service, taking the responsibility of monitoring and updating your antivirus software away from you. DHCO IT can install, monitor and update your antivirus software and ensure it is running correctly to protect against cyber attacks.

Antivirus settings

Antivirus Settings

The DHCO IT team can control your antivirus settings and exclusions meaning that employees can't tamper with them.

Regular Scans

Our team can run regular quick scans as well as deep scans on your devices to check for malware.

Quarantine files

Our cyber security experts will quarantine any files which are identified as a potential threat and take action where necessary.
Antivirus Definition Updates-min

Antivirus Definitions

As part of the managed antivirus service, our team will carry out regular updates of antivirus definitions.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is a more advanced form of antivirus which delivers a higher level of protection and security against cyber attacks.

EDR software can work to identify and investigate suspicious or malicious activity and tackle threats by continuously monitoring your systems. Using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, it can identify patterns, and if suspicious behaviour is detected, it tracks and reverse threats.

EDR provides more comprehensive security than managed antivirus, as it constantly monitors your systems and can shut down zero-day threats without definition updates. 

DHCO IT Remote Monitoring Management 

Our IT Support experts can remotely monitor your networks and devices to determine their health and performance allowing us to ensure your machines and networks are well-maintained, up-to-date and proactively manage any issues which may arise.

RM – Clock-min

24/7 Checks

We run automated checks on your system so we can be alerted if an issue appears, allowing us to proactively sort out any small issues before they become bigger problems. 
RM – Patch-min

Patch Management

The DHCO IT team can ensure all vulnerability patches are installed on your devices to ensure it is kept secure. If we can’t monitor this and patches fail, it can leave the device vulnerable to viruses and cyber-attacks. 
Remote Monitoring Firewall (1)-min

Firewall Protection

Our IT experts can ensure your firewall is on and running correctly. The team can manage your firewall exclusions. 

Antivirus & Remote Monitoring Tip

48% of UK organisations have been victims of ransomware attacks. 

Antivirus and Remote Monitoring FAQs

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