Password Security

Password security is a vital element of your overall business cyber security, and your passwords are often the frontline defence for your data. Managing your passwords correctly and ensuring you have efficient security can help protect them against cyber-attacks and prevent unauthorised access to your data.

Keeping track of all your passwords can be difficult and it often seems easiest to use the same credentials for your accounts or to store them in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. This however poses a significant risk to your cyber security. Password manager software can help you securely store your credentials all in one place and grant access to those who need it.

Password Management Solutions

Our expert IT consultants can work with your business to ensure outstanding password management and security.

We can supply your team with a password manager, Passportal, where company passwords can be stored in a centralised and secure location, allowing employees, who have been granted permission, access to these credentials.

Multi-Factor Authentication

In today’s world, passwords alone are not enough. To protect your business, Multi-factor Authentication should be a standard procedure for all employees across all web-facing or app interfaces.

Our IT experts can also help you to set up multi-factor authentication across your accounts to ensure additional safety.

How long does it take to hack a password?



It takes just 1 hour to crack a 10-character password that includes numbers, uppercase, lowercase and symbols.

Password Management Tip

Strong passwords are at least 14 characters long and are a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. Alternatively, you could use a password generator.

Password Management Insights

Top Tips for Password Security

Passwords have become a tiresome form of security as we all have so many! Worryingly, many people struggle with managing their  ‘virtual keys’, with the average person spending 12 minutes each week entering or renewing forgotten passwords.

Here are some top tips to ensure your passwords are providing optimum security for your online accounts and personal data.

Password Management FAQs

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What is multi-factor authentication?

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