Diasaster Recovery

What would you do if a disaster struck your business’s IT system? It happens more often than you think. 

One day you could find that your equipment or server has failed, an employee has erased files, or Malware or Ransomware has deleted or encrypted all your documents. It’s a day every business hopes will never come, but it is important your company is prepared for it if it does.  

With the help of our IT experts, you can develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan which minimises the loss of data and business downtime.  

Many businesses do not recover from the disruption or loss of data. Whether it is a minor outage or a major disaster ensuring you have the correct backup and a business continuity plan in place will help to protect your business’s future.  

DHCO IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions 

Our IT experts can help to ensure that your IT systems and servers are sufficiently backed up and enhance your disaster recovery plan. It is important to back up your entire server as only backing up your files could mean your business is down for a longer time. 

If you use cloud storage for your business data, our IT experts can help you to configure a backup solution to ensure your files and documents are protected in the event of a disaster.   


Full Image Backup 

Backup of the entire server every night, which includes all settings allowing us to restore the data and settings to any server. 

File Restore

In the event of loss or deletion of files, we are able to restore individual files if required. 

28-day Retention 

We keep 28 Days of backups in case there is an issue with one backup containing encrypted files. 

Server Recovery Testing

Test that your server will be able to boot up in the event of a disaster to avoid corrupt backups and allow us to proactively fix any issues before they cause more problems if you do need to restore. 


Our IT specialists store an encrypted backup of your data both on-site and in the cloud, allowing us to quickly restore your business data in the event of a disaster. 

Disaster Recovery Fact

The average cost of IT downtime is £4,000 per minute with a single hour of downtime costing over £80,000. 

Disaster Recovery FAQs

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